Purification Process Development

Mab-Venture can implement a well-established platform process based on chromatography technology including affinity column, gel filtration, ion exchange and hydrophobic interaction. The development contains purification method optimization and manufacturing process scale-up. Our Purification Development team has extensive experience in the development and validation of purification processes for the different scale manufacture of a wide range of therapeutic proteins. These include recombinant monoclonal antibodies, fusion proteins, enzymes and other proteins.

Purification process research and development services:
Purification process optimization DOE platform
Standardized protein purification unit operations
Development of clarification filtration (deep filtration, dead-end filtration, tangential flow filtration)
Purification optimization by chromatography (ion exchange, affinity chromatography, hydrophobic chromatography)
Virus inactivation and virus filtration development
Manufacture scale-up
The main instruments and equipment in purification research and development laboratory:
AKTA Explorer
Millipore/PALL UF/DF system
Mettler Toledo balance, PH conductivity tester
30 + packing library (GE/Tosoh/Life/Biorad/Millipore packing)
30+ column with diameter of 0.66cm, 1.1cm, 1.6cm,2.6cm,5 cm

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